Warning, CDP interaction at Mae-EAST


Executing show cdp neighbors detail may crash your Cisco at Mae-EAST. I
noticed this earlier today while I was browsing, but believed I had some
sort of strange interaction with my rev of IOS until this happened to
someone else running a completely different code stream.

There is apparently a device there spewing broken cdp information. The
Cisco engineer working on this case hasn't heard of this problem before,
but if I gather anymore useful information I'll certainly pass it along.


A few of you have asked which rev. this is known to happen on, so I'm
forwarding this to the rest of nanog:

  Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software
  IOS (tm) GS Software (GS7-K-M), Version 11.0(9), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)
  Copyright (c) 1986-1996 by cisco Systems, Inc.
  Compiled Tue 11-Jun-96 03:52 by loreilly
  Image text-base: 0x00001000, data-base: 0x007614F0

  ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 11.0(9), SOFTWARE

  cisco RP1 (68040) processor (revision A0) with 65536K bytes of memory.