WARNING: AOL is hosed (again)

Phillip Vandry wrote:

> > If yes to my second question, then the tracking numbers either need to be
> > made much longer and randomized or a one time pass phrase (session key)
> > needs to be added to the acknowlegement form.
> You can actually set a domain name so that it cannot be changed, by
> any template, by any modification, correct guardian or NOT.

Sounds like a nonreversible setting to me. What if you need to change it?

You call InterNIC and talk to who you got to set it in the first place.

This is for reeaally high profile things, not like "bobsfish.com".

Anyway, I think that by default, the update goes through automatically,
a positive acknoledgement is ignored (default behaviour) and a negative
acknowledgement is honored. (Which means AOL should have been able to
stop it).

That Takes clues .. :slight_smile: