WANTED: ISPs with DDoS defense solutions

>>>> Filtering the bogons does help, and everyone should perform anti-spoofing
>>>> in the appropriate places. It isn't, however, a silver bullet.
>>> it's necessary but not sufficient.
>> anti-spoofing is useful, but vastly insufficient, and hence not necessary
> anti-spoofing eliminates certain avenues of attack allowing one to focus
> on remaining avenues, and hence (as Vix stated) is necessary but not
> sufficient.

it turns 1% of the technical problem into a massive social business
problem which, even if it was solvable (which it practically isn't),
would also be addressed by technical solutions where no spoofing is

but it would provide a lot of fun and soapboxes for wannabe net
police and vigilantes.


What is your solution which addresses the 100%? 99%? 50%?

What problems does anti-spoofing create?