VZW LTE provisioning

Is there anyone on the list who can comment, on- or off-list, for-attribution
or not, on what kind of job Verizon Wireless has done provisioning the data
backbone for their new LTE "4G"[1] rollout?

Given the fact that it is at 700MHz and will therefore have *substantially*
better building penetration, and the fact that -- due to the Google imposed
"any device, any app" restrictions the FCC placed on their license -- there
is quite a bit higher possibility that we'll see better device competition
on this service than we've seen before...

the odds that we'll have to deal with it, as operators of larger end-networks,
seem pretty high. Knowing what we're getting into would be nice. :slight_smile:

-- jra

[1] The ITU has said that none of {HSDPA,LTE,WiMax} qualifies for "4G"
designation by the standards, of which they (I understand) are the
promulgating agency.