VZW - fixed wireless services?

Does anyone know if Verizon is using its LTE network to offer fixed wireless services? I know Sprint was working on WiMAX hardware with cisco but I assume that was canceled when Sprint started moving to LTE.


Yes, they are. At least out here in Silicon Valley they are.


Do you happen to know the rates or where I can find more information on the offering?

I believe they just attach it as a regular data device on whatever data
plan you pick. It's known as Verizon HomeFusion:



They also do it on the enterprise side. We have a number of sites with 4G
as a backup WAN, we give them the SIM info and they allow us to assign a
static v4 IP or they will also give us a 1918 d address and tunnel it back
to us.
Overall it works good most of the time the only complaint really is that
when theres a problem it can sometimes be time consuming to troubleshoot
and find out if the issue is actually on the cellular side or not. Alot of
times VZW tells you to contact your radio mfr and the mfr tells you to
contact verizon.