Vyatta to VyOS

Many here might be interested,

In response to Brocade not giving the community edition of Vyatta much
attention recently, some of the more active community members have created
a fork of the GPL code used in Vyatta.

It's called VyOS, and yesterday they released 1.0.


I've been playing with the development builds and it seems to be every bit
as stable as the Vyatta releases.

Will be interesting to see how the project unfolds :slight_smile:

Who wants to tell them that it's really 2013?

22 Dec *2012*
Version 1.0.0 (hydrogen) released.


I wonder how Ubiquiti Networks is going to react to this since their EdgeMax Routers run a fork of the Vyatta code (EdgeOS).


It looks like there is a post in the form where a UBNT Employee said that they were working directly with the VyOS guys. In this case I wonder what other commercial vendor is going to jump on the open source bandwagon.

Ubiquiti has been contributing to VyOS, so I'm assuming it is the
version they are using as the upstream for their code.

Can I just say this is why I love FOSS. I will be testing VyOS on some of
my vyatta routes after the holidays.

This is great. I've been using Vyatta for a long while, but the constant bugs and the lack of turnaround on fixing them was really sad. With my lovely sales rep Erica calling me up every now and again trying to sell more licenses, in the way only soulless sales drones can. Extract money from the customer, disregard all complaints and requests for fixing of simple bugs. I was asking for the puppet/chef modules for Vyatta devices for 2 years and finally ended up using their unsupported CLI api to do part of it myself. That kind of automation is a huge chunk of SDN.

I'm curious if VyOS will support "vPlane," which under Broadcom they seem to have finally shipped.


This project looks interesting. Our 7206 VXR is at ends final days and replacing it with and ASR series is very expensive considering we're only pushing 600megs of Internet traffic with a full BGP table.

When I go to the page linked below, I didn't see a mailing list, forum or very much documentation for it. Is there another site with this info? I'd love to test a few builds out but I never used Vyatta before.

Reminder there is a mailing list for this:


Unfortunately, vyos.net is the only website for VyOS, Brocade still has a
commercial release of Vyatta "vRouter" that has all the Vyatta
documentation etc. If you're nervous about the lack of resources from the
community project you might opt to go with the paid version from Brocade.

The VyOS project is still pretty new, so better documentation and forums
etc will come in time I suspect.

I'm not sure if Brocade has upped the pricing, but here is pricing info
from over the summer. They had 1, 3, and 5 year commitments and different
pricing for virtual vs bare metal and 24-7 vs. business hour support.

MSRP pricing for Vyatta back in May 2013

For 24-7 Support:
Bare Metal $2,600 (1 yr) $5,000 (3 yr)
Virtual $2,000 (1 yr) $3,000 (3 yr)

For Business Hours support:
Bare Metal $2,000 (1 yr) $3,500 (3 yr)
Virtual $1,800 (1 yr) $2,700 (3 yr)