VPS plus email

Howdy y'all I would like to know if if anyone can recommend a good VPS to run a exchange server as well as host a website I would like to set up an exchange server with a professional email address unless you guys can recommend a different approach I should take to get a professional address so it would look better on resumes etc and I can consolidate all my various email accounts to one I could consider switching to google apps and or Microsoft outlook unless there are other better providers out there I am in college so if there are any special programs please feel free to advice me of such Feel free to private message me
Not sure if this is allowed the rules where murkey on this

Keep it simple. Google Apps.

Easy solution if you don't know how to configure e-mail: Google Apps
for Business. $5/user/month.

Cheaper solution than Exchange: $5/mo Digital Ocean server running
something like Dovecot and Haraka to handle e-mail.

If you don't want to leave Microsoft, I believe Outlook premium will
do what you want: https://premium.outlook.com/

Or pony up for Office 365.