VPS/Gaming companies with backbone

hi there,

I do not know which gaming companies have backbone and which do not. I am trying to find a way to automate the https://dev.networkatlas.org backbone link up/down information using some gaming servers (i guess i am playing too much games nowadays as I came up with this idea)

currently the model https://dev.networkatlas.org is following is basically crowd-sourced data input similar to wikipedia model where if a link is down, a user goes and reports that and once verified by a trusted member (editor/admin/ambassador whatever you wanna call the trusted source) the link changes. We are trying to think out of the box on how we can possible automate this.

if you have any ideas beside telecom giants to share this information via email , let me know. If you are network admin/engineer/architect in a gaming company please ping me offline and see how this could be automated with a script running on multiple gaming servers.

(can think out of the box , but not out of xbox apparently)

thank you :slight_smile:


I would be hesitant to include this kind of information if you don’t have a plan for keeping it recent and accurate - there’s a real risk your data will become stale quickly, at which point it stops being useful to people.

Perhaps ask providers if you can subscribe to those, and automatically parse their emails? Easier said than done, but it does provide much more useful information than “hearsay”/pinging some server you do not control that may or may not be on the other end of a specific link.


I know the risk of having stale data. that is why I am trying to really focus on first enabling crowd sourcing abilities and then parsing emails, tweets, etc.

Providers will most likely not want to share their outages due ti “bad marketing reasons” but you are right some might