VPN Solution (WAS: ORBS (Re: Scanning))

Thus said "Patrick W. Gilmore" on Mon, 28 May 2001 01:24:58 EDT:

The VPN solutions I have used (e.g. Bay Networks, MS PPTP) send *every*
packet from the end user machine to the VPN end-point, not just selected
packets (like with SSH tunneling).

This should be configureable, if it isn't then maybe it's time for a
switch in protocols/software. :slight_smile:

So, does anyone know of a VPN that does selective forwarding like SSH

FreeS/Wan does this by default. Only traffic defined by the tunnel
security association is encrypted, the rest goes through untouched.
Very optimal. :slight_smile: I don't believe this is specific to FreeS/Wan either,
as most IPSEC implementations I have seen do something similar.
(including hardware solutions).

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