VPN issue, and possible cBeyond Engineer request

                So I'm fighting a VPN issue, trying to establish a Client to Firewall VPN for remote access with 3 of my customers. Customer is using a Sonicwall firewall (TZ210 or NSA240 with similar issues). We have ruled out the firewall being the issue by terminating the internet connection to a switch, static IPing a laptop outside the firewall and successfully establishing a tunnel. DHCP information is properly processed by the firewall every time, but under 25% of the time it is not received by the client. Any thoughts as to what might be intermittently eating this information?

Alternatively anyone useful from cBeyond who might be able to assist me? This works perfectly fine for 50+ customers however we have 3 customers on cBeyond service that it does not work with. Again, we can bypass the cBeyond circuit and VPN client connections work as expected.

Any other ideas?

Blake Pfankuch