VPLS Providers


I'm looking to solicit feedback on VPLS providers. The requirement is for
connectivity among about ten sites in North America, however feedback for
providers that also extend service to EMEA and APAC would also be welcome.

All types of feedback are appreciated (good, bad, and anything in between).


- Chris

Sorry for the meta suggestion, but i think you would be much happier with
an L3 vpn. It is a more common offering and avoid transcontinental
broadcast storms

I appreciate the suggestion! That's something to consider if our
requirements expand globally. Right now the focus is N.A., but I threw EMEA
& APAC in there.

I've had enough trouble with broadcast storms and other issues in N.A., so
I don't have much of an appetite for magnifying those issues on a global

- Chris

I suspect this will be somewhat restricted to who has a presence at the locations you're interested in.

Chris Burwell wrote:

I've had enough trouble with broadcast storms and other issues in N.A.

And you still want vpls? Wow.

If you're talking a requirement for connecting geographically separated
locations, there are sound technical reasons for avoiding vpls like the
plague. Unless there are overriding technical reasons why it wouldn't
work, l3vpn will almost always provide a far better quality service.


In 2016 we will start seeing first massive EVPN deployments.
If you really need L2 with multihoming and BGP FRR speeds in service recovery - look for EVPN, otherwise, as mentioned below - L3 is your friend.


Going to depend a lot on what the 10 sites are. You're in Fairfax, Virginia,
I'm sure you can find a lot of peope willing to take your money. You're
in Grundy, Virginia, probably not so much.

Almost every time a customer has asked me for VPLS (or EVPN), they've
been just fine with l3vpn as a suggested alternative.

Other customers are all about doing their own routing...


there are complications with an L3 vpn solution that L2/vpls doesn't
bring along... and sometimes VPLS is cheaper than a wave/ptp-link ...
and all I want is a ptp....

You would fall under "other customers".