VOIP issues/Cisco TAC offline?

I've been getting either voicemail or nothing via the network down option
for Cisco TAC from about 01:45EST Nov 12th onwards (it's about 03:30 now);
taking the 'existing service order' option ends up in a fast busy after putting in the number.

Calling the US 408-* or the EMEA numbers directly has the same result.

I seem to recall that Cisco's gone pure VOIP, and I'm wondering if that
might be the source of the issue - and if that's the case, if anybody
would care to comment/speculate about ways to avoid this type of issue
in other deployments.


I just called the US number, and got the normal "Welcome to Cisco TAC"

Arie -

If you reread my email, you'll notice that I specify that you need to
select either option 1 for 'network down', or option 2 for 'existing
service order', and then enter a service order... and having just checked
again, it appears there's still an issue as of 04:00EST.