Voice Middleware

Before we build something from scratch, are there platforms that do the heavy lifting of talking to the Metaswitch API, Peerless’s API, various LSR APIs, etc.?

I mean this for provisioning purposes.

I don’t know the current state, but I believe Asterisk was going down that road for a while.



Do you mean this https://www.voip-info.org/asterisk-how-to-connect-to-metaswitch/?
I am not sure that is what he is looking for, but it could be. It has been a while for me as well :slight_smile:


Could you give a little more context in what you are trying to do? Are you looking for something that can manage all those devices via their web APIs?


Which that link would be stale, as Asterisk now defaults to PJ_SIP, which works differently. :wink:

Some or all of the below functionality:

  1. Create\delete PBXes, SIP bindings, etc. as appropriate for new customers on Metaswitch.
  2. Order new DID, place new port, etc. from Peerless.
  3. Place, receive, etc. port requests with various porting partners such as Syniverse (which represents multiple carriers), Level 3, VFO (a common platform with LECs), etc.

That’s probably not the full extent of it, but yes, that looks like a good starting point.

On closer look, the fact that he’s looking for something to abstract their provisioning APIs rather than an
interconnected for them at the call switching level, Asterisk probably doesn’t address the problem he’s
looking to solve.