vocalizing majors, etc, etc.....

"Do you now, or have you ever attended meetings of the Global
Routing Conspiracy?"

"Huh?? I went to a NANOG meeting a few times to see what went on there."

"So you ADMIT that you have attended SEVERAL meetings of the
Global Routing Conspiracy?"

"I said I went to a NANOG meeting a few times."

"But since you weren't utterly REPELLED by what you
heard and saw at your first meeting of the Global Routing
Conspiracy you must at least be a SYMPATHIZER with this
insideous Global Routing Conspiracy!"

"What are you talking about, Senator? What do you mean by Global
Routing Conspiracy?"

"Now you try to play stupid, eh? It's COMMON KNOWLEDGE that the
Global Internet is controlled by the Global Routing Conspiracy
and they regularly plot to maintain their control, thereby
squeezing our Precious Bodily Fluids out onto the ground!!!
ADMIT YOUR COMPLICITY and then if you name your co-conspirators,
maybe the Inquisitors will deal with you swiftly!"

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? All I did was go to a meeting to discuss
registry issues and now I'm testifying before a Senate Subcommittee!"

"So now you admit that you went to learn how to register OTHERS in
the Global Routing Conspiracy! That's enough for me! I believe
the other members of this Committee will agree that we should just
send this one over straight away for any other information to
be EXTRACTED from him!"