visual traceroute (was Re: RFC1712 - is anyone actually using GPOS RR's ?)

> >We were thinking of adding this to our automated dns scripts ... but if

  > > >nobody actually uses them, we don't want to spend time on it ...
  > >
  > > use LOC (rfc1876) instead. it's more or less the same, but with more
  > > info.
  > Thanks for the pointer, then my next question will be ...
  > Are any registering LOC for their routers/hosts ?
  > Any visual traceroute or similar applications using this ?
  > /Jesper
    Several, including a new tool from the caida folks.
    LOCs are good stuff.
bill means:

(uses visualroute maps w permission)

presented at Usenix last week

uses NetGeo

still not optimal, but headed
in the right direction