(!) Vint Cerf designing network for solar system (!)

This leads to the obvious (for me, anyway) question of NAP placement.

It seems to me that multiple providers on Mars wouldn't want to
backhaul traffic all the way to Earth just to talk across the canal...


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Jupiter , the run between mars and jupiter is a midway point.

OneCall will *not* peer with anyone not a the Jupiter NAP.


Any votes ?

Steve Feldman wrote:

I'm working on the design of an interstellar packet transport. The basic
idea is that we record the packet stream for a couple of days onto a RAID
array with fifty 96 terabyte drives, then load the array on a starship to
make a hyperspace jump to the destination. At the other end, the packet
stream is replayed and an incoming packet stream is recorded and then sent
back the same way. The latency for telnet sessions is pretty horrible but
at least it can be done if you are patient and it's cheaper than sending
an Internet engineer through hyperspace.

We're planning on also offering an FTL version where the return packets
will arrive before the outgoing packets have left. But we still have some
problems to work out with RTT before we can do this.

And no, this is *NOT* an April Fools joke...

...for the obvious reason :slight_smile:

To improve speed in processing, let the response packets tell the sender what the CRC's for the outbound packets were, so the sender doesn't need to calculate them. :slight_smile: