Video streaming over IPv6


Can anyone comment on the availability of IPv6 video streaming services?
I'm thinking about commercial, 'cloud'-based services a la U-Stream or

I can roll my own, and will eventually do so, but having a commercial
service that I could use would make my life so much easier :slight_smile:

Any such service who is thinking about jumping on the World IPv6 Launch
Day bandwagon and could use some (I'd like to think clueful) debugging
can also contact me, we might be able to work something out.



I know that some services (e.g.: youtube) already have native ipv6 being served for existing http streaming mechanisms.

I'm not sure where all the other individual services are in that process, but if they are behind the popular CDNs, e.g.: Akamai I believe its just a simple provisioning box one selects with them to enable IPv6 as well.

- Jared

On Jun 6 I'll be streaming an ISOC-HK IPv6 Day
event<>via, as I did last year when it was a source of some
ridicule/embarrassment that we only made it available in v4.

Even if we had the connectivity out of the venue, which I haven't bothered
to check, it doesn't seem like the tools exist.

Maybe next year we can have IPv6 streaming launch day...


   Currently the videostreaming on IPv6, might be possible with RTP, RTMP, RTSP, HTML5, etc. - not with more intelligent Adobe Flash players (player control, stream quality selection etc.). The most of tha cases is the problem lies in Adobe Flash. In one hand The flash URL parsing is broken for IPv6 (does not recognised literal IPv6 addresses), other hand the player cannot fall-back to IPv4, or they don't implement happy-eyeballs.

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As a followup on this question, I have had good success with Wowza Media
Server. Thanks to those who pointed it out to me.

If someone is interested in testing the IPv6 stream, drop me a note over

Warm regards