VIDEO: NANOG 90 Recap + More


Watch Highlight Reel of our Most Recent Meeting

Our last meeting may have come and gone— but the memories will last forever! Check out some familiar faces + learn what makes a NANOG meeting special by watching the NANOG 90 Recap!

Make memories of your own at our next meeting. Registration is now open for NANOG 91!

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What’s it Like to Sponsor NANOG?

Q + A with Sponsor IPv4.Global’s Lee Howard

Why it’s worth your time: Have you ever been curious about or interested in sponsoring a NANOG event?

IPv4.Global by Hilco Streambank has been sponsoring NANOG events consecutively since 2015. We caught up with IPv4.Global Senior V.P. Lee Howard to learn more about his experience.

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NANOG Talk of the Week

Keynote: Abstract Ponderings: A Ten-Year Retrospective w/ Google’s Rob Shakir

With almost 1k views since our last meeting in February, this talk is worth watching.

This discussion is part retrospective/introspective, a candid look at where we’ve been and what we need to think about as we evolve the next generation of our management (and control) planes. What should we be thinking about as network engineers who write software?

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Registration is now open for our next meeting, NANOG 91 (10 - 12 June), in Kansas City, MO. Register early to receive discounted pricing.

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