Video Conferencing options to Beijing

I know this is a bit outside of North America, so if this isn’t relevant, please let me know. I have a client that is asking for video conferencing options back to Beijing for their users. What has everyone’s experience been with setting up a solution like this?

We have to assume the Chinese users will be on non-VPN connections and under the filters of the Great Firewall of China. We are looking for software that can be installed on Windows, so apps that rely on Android or iOS are at bottom of our list, but not fully out of consideration.

Teams was my first thought, but per Microsoft, Teams isn’t available in China:

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Thank you Scott and Eric. This gives me some good options to pursue.


Skype (not for business) is what I’ve used in the past for video-conferencing inside the great (fire)wall. It works without a VPN, not sure if there are any limitations currently.