Viability of GNS3 network simulation for testing features/configurations.

We have 9 ASR’s so I don’t think it would be too hard to host them in the GNS3 vm insurance we’re using. The main problem I’ve run into is our IOS isn’t supported, which is where Cisco IOSv comes in, hoping it could be configured in a way to act very closely like our deployed hardware.

I’m not so much worried about hardware faults, more so network configurations and testing of new methods. In a perfect world I would be able to copy the running configs from deployed hardware into GNS3. At least that’s how closely I would like GNS3 running.

Not a ton of info out there on IOSv, so I’m curious as to how it’s configured. If it’s the “universal” IOS that I would imagine it should be, then it could work.

Thanks for the links, those are both things I didn’t run across during initial research.

problem I’ve run into is our IOS isn’t supported

Not sure what you mean, like you can’t find the same exact version of IOS XRv 9000?

Surely going with similar XRv version to your production one would be much closer than going with IOSv