Verizon text messaging

Perhaps this is slightly OT, but if you rely on Verizon text messaging for
notification, beware that they have implemented some sort of filtering as
of last night it seems.

Talking to their support they will not admit to any changes, but I have
lost a few important notifications yesterday.

After some experimentation, it looks like that at least messages to have to be explicitely addressed now (i.e. "To" has to be, and there are other rules that I have not figured
out yet.

Perhaps there is someone from Verizon on this list who would confirm that
filtering was indeed added yesterday?

Here is usenet article supporting my theory:


Unless they at some point actually changed this behavior, it has been this
way since the beginning of the service.

5 years ago I had the same problem, worked around it, haven't thought
about it since. Never bothered to see if they fixed it.

The obvious theory is that the program which actually converts the email
into a page uses the header To: and not the envelope recipient.