Verizon outage between Baltimore and Washington

Can someone on the list shed some more light on this? Verizon reports the 9
linear oc-48s are impacting 173 ds3s, 3 oc3cs, and 14 oc12cs. There is 1
unprotected oc192c down for TOT-A. OTDR readings from Baltimore place the
break at 36.4 miles towards Washington. Additional OTDR readings from Laurel
toward Washington indicate cut at 16.25 miles.

Any additional info would be appreciated.

Are the two OTDR readings consistent with one break on a shared segment
of the DC-Balt and DC-Laurel runs, or is some cable-splicer having a *really*
long day ahead?

looks like a single break....Baltimore is about 36.4 miles north of
Washington, and Laurel is about 16.25 miles north of Washington, with
Baltimore being about 20 miles north of Laurel. All this makes sense. The
part that doesn't really make sense is that our headquarters in right
smack-dab along this run in Columbia, MD (about 5-7 miles north of Laruel),
and has been unaffected...but a remote office in Hagerstown, about 50-60
miles west, north-west of here, is down hard.

Just to agree, I am in Columbia, MD as well, and am unaffected.


Technician on site, and excavation has begun. Still no MTTR