Verizon NY (LEC) prior notification

Is anyone aware of a method to "mark" or "flag" certain services with
Verizon NY (the LEC) as critical, such that changes aren't made to the
services without prior notification? I know it's a lot to ask of Verizon.

We experienced an outage on a number of PRI that were rehomed to another
switch without our knowledge. The PRIs worked great outbound, but our
customer noticed when all the DIDs stopped working. (They forgot to move
the DIDs from old switch.)


Probably better to watch stats for each NPA-NXX calling each DID. You
can fit a distribution to the data for the length of time before another
call arrives, and automatically throw a ticket at your carrier support
group when the time between calls exceeds 99% of previous data.


May not be workable without a sufficiently high call rate 24/7. If you're a
small call center that usually has 3-4 calls per hour at 2AM, now long is "too
long without a call, time to get suspicious"?

Does your answer change if you're a 911 or suicide hotline?

(Yes, if you usually handle 50-60 calls per hour even at 2AM, a 5 minute
gap is probably suspicious. As I said, it depends highly on normal call rates)


Alternatively, perhaps VZ has an outages list one could get on for any
planned upgrades, so that one could test post-operation. While this
would have helped the OP, it covers much (?) less of the error space.

Or maybe get to know the local switch techs. Does VZ ex-nynex still have
local switch techs, or did they centralize like Sprint/Kansas City?

Other solutions?


The vast majority of Verizon's COs are not staffed with on-site techs on a regular basis. I suspect the same is true of most telcos.


Sadly, I agree. If anyone is there late, it's a noc administrator looking at pictures of cats.

Sure. However, when you know the switch (or special circuits) techs and
occasionally eat where they do, you'll probably catch an FYI or two that
switch X that carries your traffic is being forklift-upgraded next week.