Verizon MPLS / BGP help needed


In my experience,
all MPLS providers allow their customers to influence their own BGP route
metrics by sending community values to the provider, with the provider
adjusting metrics (such as local preference), based on these BGP communities
(reference =

I sent a simple
request to our Verizon reps, asking for the community syntax required to
perform this task on a Verizon MPLS network. I expected a list of acceptable communities in the form of ASN:xxx
(example: 65000:120 to set local
preference to 120).

My contacts at
Verizon are insisting that this “feature” is not available and will not be
available until September 2013! From my
perspective, they are basically telling me that we are not allowed to enforce
our own route policy on our own network.

If someone from
Verizon is able to help, I would appreciate an offline response.

Thank you!


This might be a starting point:

Not sure if it's accurate, as we don't have AS701 transit...

Chris Rogers
CEO, Inerail
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he needs the info for the PIP (Private IP) network though, which isn't
covered in 701/2/3's data...
the PIP network probably does NOT have this sort of capability,
essentially the users are on their own to do some bgp policy on their
side of the fence, since the MPLS network is enclosed and doesn't
route to anything but 'you'...