Verizon mail troubles

Speaking on Deep Background, the Press Secretary whispered:

Personal Favorite:

We put a move order in with VZ for June 12, then rescheduled to July 12
(we were moving across the st.) of this year. On May 12 we come in and
discover that half our lines don't work. After 4 hours on the phone, it
turns out they took exactly half our lines (interestingly enough
1,3,5,7,etc.) and moved them across the street, and wired them into the
phone block for what was to be our neighbouring office. People calling
us got a furniture consulting firm half the time. It took me 5 days to
get all our lines back where they belonged, as when they moved them back
they decided to leave a couple there and then not acknowledge the
problem, only to move again finally in July and have them forget to move
a couple lines over.


All the above and most of the previous horror stories are TARIFFED
services. You can and should write them up and submit them to
your state PSC, with a cc: to the FCC.

I don't claim that this magically solves things, but in all things
political, a *paper* record never ever hurts. Some PSC's are far
better than others about reviewing same & acting. And while the
current FCC is unlikely to do much, come next election there may
be a different team on top....but your complaint is still on file.