Verizon FiOS contact?

Anyone from VZ FiOS network on the list who would be interested in
discussing something.

We host in Equinix/NY4 and have internet provided by Internap. Several of
our users have been complaining of speed issues and our own speed tests
confirm severe bandwidth degradation (we're talking 0.5Mbps download
speeds) but only for FiOS customers. From anywhere to Internap is fine.

From FiOS to anywhere else is also fine. But there is a definite

reproducible issues from FiOS (tested in NYC, Westchester and NJ) to
Internap in NY4.

Internap informed us other customers are having issues from FiOS as well
but it seems they can't reach anyone at VZ who will engage on this. They
claim each user must file a repair request with VZ. We are encouraging our
users to do so but I'm not holding my breath.


guessing here, but I bet if someone from internap called the vz sales
folks and there'd be a solution in 30-90 days (standard install

isn't pnap a direct vz customer either way? I know it's in the DFW blend which we have, not sure about NY.

It shouldn't be out of their ability to complain.