Verizon DSL Transport Contact?

Hello NANOG,

Excuse me if I've missed something, but I cannot seem to get to the proper
Verizon tech to get this corrected.

We're an ISP in Erie, PA who "leases" Verizon DSL service. Verizon then
drops this service on an ATM PVC on a DS3 that we terminate into our own
gear. The current problem is that every evening between 6 and 10 pm
localtime (think residential peak hours) we get packet loss (1-30%) to
several DSL customers. The customers call complaining that browsing is
slow and that they lose packets and cannot play games, watch Netflix, etc.
There are other customers that ride the same DS3s that do not experience
any packet loss. The physical DS3s are not taking errors and are well
under 50% capacity during the problem period. The problem DSL circuits
come from a few different COs here, ERIEPAXW and ERIEPAXS at least. All I
can assume is that the DS3/OC3/etc that transports this data from some
point to ERIEPAXM (where we connect via DS3) gets full. The problem goes
away after 10pm and crops back up the next day. Sometimes it lasts 15
minutes, sometimes all 4 hours.

I have detailed logs and locations of the circuits to provide to a Verizon
tech if needed.