Verizon DSL email policy

It appears that Verizon is blocking our mail server. Calls to the online DSL
support center have produced a unique answer to each call. A sampling: there is
no problem; customers with dynamic IP addresses can not use 3rd party email
servers either to read or send mail; ditto but a universal policy; you have
been declared a spam source; hung up on; hmmmm. One call got a guy that
attempted to help.

Any clueful insights appreciated.

Any clueful insights appreciated.


  I forwarded your email to the abuse team at Verizon. Someone should
be in touch shortly.

-Dennis "ex Verizon abuse" Dayman

Thank you for several off-list replies. I was not clear. I did not mean this as
a rant against Verizon, I was frustrated at getting any kind of answer.

It may be related to this questionable policy:,1272,66226,00.html

With their lame explanation:

(While it appears Verizon has targetted non-American mail sources, anytime
you wield such a blunt instrument you're likely to clobber unintended

Tony Rall