Verizon DNS Contact

Does anyone have a contact at Verizon (AS701) who can remove incorrect PTR delegation(s)? I have made several attempts at emailing over the past month with no response. Our institution frequently receives floods of PTR lookups for IPs in , but we don’t have any Verizon services or IP addresses.

We recently migrated DNS hosting to a cloud provider and would like to get this cleaned up.

Earl Ruberts


Eruberts at camdencc dot edu


Reach out to That’ll open a ticket that you can track. I can’t promise how quick it’ll be, but you should get someone that can help.

Hi Earl,

Have you tried posting this on the DNS Affinity group in the NANOG Community tab Perhaps placing it in a more contextually identifiable DNS channel will get more replies?

Love to get more traffic in that group to bring out the DNS folks in the NANOG community. Where are they all hanging out?

It was brought to my attn in a PM that the DNS Affinity group may not be that easy to find.

Try this link: