verizon atm outage

verizon techs are encountering problems with equiptment in the entire
mid-atlantic region. ADSL outages are expected, and may last several
hours each. they will be rolling outages, rather than blanketing the
entire former BA territory at once.

i didn't get a lot of details from the 5 different people in 3
different departments that i talked to, but it sounded gnarly and
everyone was sounding very pessimistic.

i gathered that there was some routine maintainance that turned into
this widespread outage. they expect areas to be going up and down for
"the entire weekend." one tech told me to advise my customers to
reset their modems before attempting to connect again, but he couldn't
explain to me what was going on.

fun fun fun.

anyone else hear a different story?

deeann m.m. mikula

director of operations
telerama public access internet