verizon (as701/mci/worldcom/alternet/uunet) ipv6 contact needed

I hate to do this to ya'll again... but I need to talk to someone in as701/Verizon-land that can get us IPv6 connectivity on our existing circuit.

The unfailingly awesome technical persons behind the help email addresses at 701 told us to take it to our account rep, and therein lies the problem.

Verizon _used to be_ the ILEC here, and we ordered this circuit in some CLECy way that apparently means we don't have any of the usual credentials or account managers and blahblahlblah other things that I don't care about.

What it comes down to is: Multiple attempts by our suited idiots to contact your suited idiots have failed. If a technical-type person can point me in the right direction, it'd be much appreciated.


jason jeffries - jjeffries <at>
labyrinth solutions - as26097

Hey - send me what info you do have about your account and I will try to
point you in the right direction.
(Same goes for anyone else having similar v6 probs)