Verizon 3G/4G

Multi question email.

Is there anyone on this list that supports this infrastructure, (verizon 3G/4G Broadband) or is there a place a seasoned admin can go outside of the general support desk to get assistance when a major outage is occurring?

Secondly has anyone on this list deployed this technology within their infrastructure and can speak on the experience.

Thank you

For fixed 3G sites where 3G is used as a backup to wireline access, this has been found to be an acceptable solution, although round trip latency is quite high. My understanding is that the wireless and wireline backbone networks interconnect/peer in the eastern Texas area, meaning that a wireless-to-wireline connection where both ends are in Southern California must traverse the US back to Texas for every packet.

Another issue for fixed 3G locations is their inadvertent association with microcell or picocell devices, where the geographical telco wireline/wireless backbone interconnect is also not geographically distributed throughout the US, resulting in longer round trip latency.

Make sure that the telco's underlying cellular backbone, and its wireline interconnection/peering points are well understood.