Verizon 3G/4G Mobile Internet Sales Contact?


If anyone has any contact info for the correct department within Verizon
which handles getting a mobile internet service via 3G/4G, that would be a
huge help. I am trying to avoid the usual Verizon runaround of being
transferred from dept to dept because no one has any idea what I'm talking
about. I also would preferably like a static IP if possible. Tried
contacting Verizon Wireless and they are trying to sell me a MiFi and have
no idea what a static IP is :slight_smile:


From my experience:

IPV4 Static IPs nor private IP service are currently available on the 4g
service (I asked).

Even the routable IPV6 Static IPs can not receive remote traffic (at least
they failed to get ESP traffic when I tried to build a VPN with them
because the ipv4 address provided was carrier-grade natted). This, they
seem too clueless to provide any further input on after many attempts (they
don't know IPV6) even after calling Tier 2 support from a customer account
with 2,000+ telemetry data lines. Their IPV6 clue is very low. The reps
cared, they just couldn't find anyone who knew the product and gave up.

For the IPV4 3g, the tech support should be able to sell you one, but it
has a $500 setup fee or something similarly absurd, making it very
uneconomical for a single unit.

On that note, any other carriers who do have static IP offerings at a
reasonable price? Just looking for OOB really, unlimited data would be nice
too so it doesnt have to be worried about

I am using what is called Verizon Private Network on 4G witch gives me
private Static IPs.


Both At&T and Sprint have a static offering as well.


I am using what you are looking for today with VPN connectivity and it has been discussed on this list previously. There are some things you should be aware of with static ip. Contact me offline and I may be able to put you in contact with someone.


Someone contacted me offlist and got me direct contact info to someone at
VZ who know exactly what I was looking for and was very helpful. And the
pricing is quite fair :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who sent me info.

How much was the pricing and is it unlimited BW?

I may be interested too depending on costs....