Verizon 1xRTT/EVDO for OOB

Is anyone using Verizon 1xRTT/EVDO ("3G") for OOB work? I'm trying to
sort out how exactly to order a compatible service from them.
Unfortunately I don't manage our Verizon Wireless relationship, so I
need to be specific.

Is there a service code or name they refer to this service as?
Looking for low bandwidth, static IP.


Call a business sales rep and ask for "telemetry" or "Machine to Machine"
data plans.

We use 1X/EVDO for telemetry polling, but find that the latency is very
high with VZW to Verizon wired networks located in east Texas, so if your
network is on the west coast, every packet traverses the US continent twice
even though the endpoints may be less than 100 miles (or even 1 mile)
apart. VZW also tears down the cell tower to cell modem connection every 24
hours, resulting in IP connectivity loss, so this service is no good for
high availability applications. AT&T Mobility has a similar service, but
they keep the connection up all the time allowing the network designer to
use their service for high availability applications. AT&T's gateways are
in the Pacific Northwest, I believe, so the latency problem is the same.