Verizion FiOS

Got a customer that needs a /25 block routed to him, was approved for
"125" IPs, but they refuse to route a block to the customer. Any
assistance, please hit me off-list,

Thanks, - 314-735-0270 -

Don't they just say: "125 ips" and route (they used to) each /32 to
the VC that represnets the customer in question... They don't actually
route a /25, they route the individual /32's to the LAN that is
presented on the end of the fiber.

good luck!

That's just how Verizon does things. Often linear addresses on no
particular CIDR boundary. Just use proxy arp to bring the addresses in
to the border router and then route as normal.


Quite simple - Verizon doesn't offer BGP or any other type of custom
service over FIOS. No Layer 2, no non-VZ Layer 3, etc... You get the IP
space you pay for from them (per IP).


Yep, what we found. The customer is going to have to look elsewhere for their 500meg L Just won’t work for what they are doing.. TWC even will route them block L

Dennis Burgess, Link Technologies, Inc.