Verisign to sell Network Solutions

>So...correct me if I'm wrong here...does this mean that the registry
>operations and the GTLD maintenance operations for .com/.net will be
owned by
>different companies?

Yep. And it means that Verisign business is no longer
based so much on serving customers but more on leveraging
various monopoly rights that they have such as ownership
of .com and ownership of the main root CAs whose
certificates are bundled with Microsoft's OS.

>Isn't that what we wanted all along?

This just gets more interesting. If the sale of the NetSol was in the works
for some time (and these things usually take a while) it would mean that
Verisign was likely counting on the revenue from Sitefinder to offset the
loss of revenue from selling NetSol.

They cut off an arm and then shot themselves in the foot. Maybe ICANN can
put them out of our misery.

It would help explain why Verisign continues to press so hard for Sitefinder
despite the firestorm over it....

New Coke anyone?