Verisign Responds

And the usual US-centric view...
Which congress person does Demon Netherlands, T-dialin, Wanadoo
France, Tiscali etc. go to?

In the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy and other countries
people generally know who to go to to raise an issue with
their governments. In some cases there is a direct equivalent
of "your" elected representative unless the country uses
proportional voting.

In all cases, the ISP can contact their favorite political
party and ask for advice and support in raising a complaint
to the U.S. government who indirectly regulate Verisign
through the Department of Commerce involvement in ICANN and

It is especially important for ISPs outside the U.S.A. to
also issue press releases to go along with their petition
for government action because the publicity from the press
release will often accomplish more than the petition itself.

The goal should be to get your country's government to
officially protest the U.S. government's support for Verisign's
action in destabilising the Internet. When the number of
protests reaches critical mass and are widespread enough, then
the Department of Commerce will be forced to act.

The failure of the DOC to act before this point forms
an indirect support of Verisign's action by the U.S.

--Michael Dillon