Verisign Responds

you are confused. and in any case this is off-topic. take it to


but before you do, please read rfc's 1033, 1034, 1035, 2136, 2181, and


Can someone please tell me how a change to a critical component of the
Internet which has the capacity to cause harm is not an operational


He didn't say that.

He said that there is a mailing list called "namedroppers" for discussion
of DNS protocol changes and related DNS issues. And he also said that if
you want to get very far with your proposal the list members would
expect you to be familiar with the RFCs which document the existing
DNS protocol.

And even though he didn't say it, it is true that your proposal is not
an operational issue. Now if somebody would actually code this new
DNS protocol into a DNS server and a resolver (or some clients) then
maybe it would become an operational issue.

--Michael Dillon