Verisign Responds

Leo Bicknell wrote:

Looks like the lawsuits are going to be the ones to settle this
dispute...anyone think there's a chance of ICANN pulling .COM and .NET
from Verisign due to breach of contract? I think it's highly unlikely.

Dave Stewart wrote:

Oh, I dunno... ICANN has no teeth, so that won't happen.

Shouldn't one of them smarty-pants attorneys file for an immediate injunction
against VeriSign? Looks like plenty of technical arguments have been posted
here which even the most dim-witted judge would understand vs. the public
position taken by VeriSign that they should keep their cash register jingling
with Sitefinder proceeds while the topic is studied and/or fought over for
another 24 months.

It's obvious to me that the technical arguments fade out quickly if the
service is kept up and running. VeriSign cashes in while everyone else incurs
the expense of implementing workarounds and bug-fixes. Once the workarounds
are in place for more than a couple weeks, there isn't much impetus to put
everything back the way it was.

Has an injunction been requested?