Verisign/NSI host reports

Does anyone know how to get meaningful host reports (they call them Domain
Status Reports now) from verisign? It used to be that you could enter either
a contact handle or a host handle, and get every domain that's attached to

But now they have changed things so that as soon as a domain is moved into
their "account" sytem (where you have a username/pass to do changes, instead
of the old contact handle way), those domains no longer appear in any

I really need to get a list of all the domains that are pointing to my
nameserver for to make delete a host record, but without knowing which
domains to change, this is getting difficult.

It took several calls to Verisign/NSI to even get anyone who knew what these
reports are, when I finally did, the rep's exact words were "the domain
status report system is pretty buggy".

-- Kevin

Personally I gave up on Verisign back between '96-'98 when I
tried to get my contact info off domains I no longer had anything to do
with... To this day (over 4 years) I believe some of these domains still
have my contact info on them...


What we do is download the TLD zone records and do searches on them.

The setup process isn't quick, but once you are set up its basically
painless. The guys at are leagues better than NSI
support -- this was affirmed for me just a few weeks ago.


Deepak Jain