VeriSign Capitulates

  "There is no data to indicate the core operation of the domain name
  system or the stability of the Internet has been adversely affected,"
  VeriSign's Galvin said.

This means that there are no papers published or
conference presentations which detail the problems
caused by sitefinder. A number of people who
posted messages to this list could rectify that
lack of data by writing up their findings in a short
paper and presenting it at a conference or publishing
it in a magazine or journal.

I don't think the fight is over yet.

--Michael Dillon

Quite the opposite. It is a very carefully chosen set of words
indicating that:

  1. DNS didn't stop functioning.
  2. The internet did not fail to route packets because of this.

It carefully side-steps the other issues raised without looking like it
is ignoring them. Verisign is a lousy DNS provider and an even worse
registry/registrar, but, they have great press writers.