Verio Decides what parts of the internet to drop

> > As for BSDI, is it possible for them to trade their /17 in to ARIN for a
> > more likely routable one?
> NO. Arin can't presume to know what is or is not routable.

registries have no control over backbone BGP filters, they can't guarantee
routability. If there's not a good chance of their allocations being
routable, then what's the point in allocating space?

  Lets back up a tad and approch from another direction.
  Routable by whom?

  One of the important (and some would say the most important)
  things a registry can do is keep accurate information on
  delegations. If a user of space does not care that its packets
  are visable via Sprint (to pick on an ISP at random), then
  why should a registry care, as long as the user of IP space is
  happy. The registry should be willing and able to make such
  a delegation and registry clients ought to be able to ensure
  that the registry has accurate data about them and their delegation.

  IMHO, registries must be blind to ISP routing policy.