Well, UUNET/Worldcom, Sprint and MCI are *really* telecom companies.
That's where the bulk of their earnings come from.

In the case of Worldcom, if the telecom side of the business was getting
hurt because of something UUNET did, I think that might have a positive
effect. If you don't agree with their actions, vote with your checkbook.

You could:

  - Move out of MFS co-location space
  - Terminate MFS/Worldcom circuits & replace with another carrier.
    (This may not be an option for circuits in use - but you can change
    at the end of the contract).
  - In the San Francisco Bay Area, MFS's DNCF ('Virtual POP' or 'SuperPOP')
    DID telephone service is popular with ISP's. But a similar service
    is available from ICG (and they have PRI today! Not just channelized
  - Getting MFS to build-in to a building is like pulling teeth. Brooks
    Fiber, on the other hand, is *very* aggressive and is willing to
    build-in for service orders that are quite small.
  - Inform your customers how UUNET's actions would affect their internet
    traffic. Several of our customers are large MFS clients.