UUNet Routing SNAFU

Danny McPherson on Wed, 08 Oct 1997 18:37:22 -0700 said:

> And since I helped *create* the CA*net database *and* the CA*net route
> filters based on the various DBs, yes, I meant RADB.

How many providers actually apply prefix-based filtering (based on IRR
objects) to other providers?

I like the idea of prefix-based filtering applied to customers (by everyone
that claims to be tier 1 & 2 (&3), at the very least), as well as the idea of
configuring static filters for /19s and such, but if I were to build 46K++
lines of ACLs to filter prefixes from all eBGP peers for all registered
prefixes (from several different registries) .. my routers wouldn't be

You may want to check out our configuration generation tool RtConfig in
http://www.isi.edu/ra/RAToolSet. RtConfig does a good job of generating those
46K+ lines automatically from IRR.