UUNET Pulling Peering Agreements

What? Are you kidding? Where does it say anywhere that UUNet is required to
connect/peer with anyone? Just because you are at a MAE doesn't give you
the rught to peer. I think anyone who sues over the pulling of peering is
simply crying like a little girl. The only mistake I think UU Net (or any
for that matter) every made was to peer with smaller networks in the first

Currently we peer with UUNet across Mae-West and have for over
two years. We have been trying to extend this peering to the many
other NAP's where we have DS3 connectivity for over 10 months now,
as sound network design would indicate, but these efforts have been
repeatedly rejected by UUNet. Recently, we also recieved the "from
letter" telling us our peering would be shut off in June. We have
so far declined to sign the NDA papers with UUNet regarding this.

We are seeking a solution to the the problem without entering into
a dead-end NDA that prevents us from actually doing so. I encourage
others who are in the same boat to contact us to exchange thoughts
on the matter.

Best Regards,

Adam Waters

I suggest considering a class legal action and/or a direct call to the FTC
asking for an investigation if you believe this behavior is anti-competitive.

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