UUNET Pulling Peering Agreements & replacing them withcharging under non-disclosure?

Just a note about the cost of doing business in what I call this new
internet. We are building both, the long hauls between cities and also
purchasing the bandwidth from the 3 major player, MCI, SPRINT, and UUNET.
We have 19 cities total, with DS3s from each of the 3 above in 7 of the 19
cities. All cities are tied together via long hauls. This was not the
cheap way to do this, but it is the most effective. Major reason, when you
peer, you can not manage the network connection. We get to manage our
connections in the seven location with the major three. We also can get
some nice routing done because we are buying access to their networks. I
really think the best way to get this done is to buy transiting bandwidth
from whom ever you want. I think the peering should be done in a managed
way. The maes and naps are not really managed connections, they are best
as best can to get through them. So if you every want and kind of QOS for
your network, buy the bandwidth not a unmanaged/miss managed connection.
To make the internet as stable as the voice systems then these
interconnection (bandwidth) agreements must be put in place and managed
with two adult parties, not several hundred meg a bit connections going
into a switch trying to come out a DS3 straw. So buy the bandwidth and
manage it.

Gary Zimmerman
V.P. of Network Engineering
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