UUNET Pulling Peering Agreements & replacing them with charging under non-disclosure?

Oh hell. I was just explaining to my boss last week how none of these
NSPs trust each other and so that's why all these packets have to cross
the country twice to get 20 miles down the road etc etc and now if
UUNET is pulling peers then he's _really_ going to have my head.

Several questions:

1 - What is the point of the NDA? Is the NDA precedented?

2 - Are they pulling CIX peering? (Can that rtr get any more overloaded? :slight_smile:

3 - One of my upstream providers claims that Sprint pulled peering
abruptly on them this morning without any warning and is now charging
them $X (where X is a large number) to peer. Has this happened to anyone
else, is it a Sprint policy to always charge for new peers, etc?


-Tung-Hui Hu