UUNET peering policy

How many medium sized ISPs do we need to get to work together to make a
"meta ISP" and get peering with UUNet :wink:

0, because there is no single legal entity owning the facilities
in each of those 15 states.

Alternatively, 0, because it is not in UUNET's business interests
to give a 100% discount to some set of their target market.
However, a big enough buyer is likely to be able to negotiate
something approaching a discount of 100% on a paid-peering-like service,
so you might phrase your question, "how much discount would a meta ISP
of size X be able to negotiate on a single fixed-term contract?".

As Sean Donelan noted, there is a difference between being qualified
to negotiate a no-settlement peering agreement, and actually entering
into one. The policy is designed to make it very easy to answer
"no, you don't qualify" without having to enter into long business
discussions under NDA, which is time-consuming. It also answers
the question of, "does your no today mean no tomorrow also?"