UUNet outage

UUNet is currently experiencing a major routing outage and they have
senior backbone engineers working on it. I thought it was funny that it
wasn't in the recorded list of known network outages yet it's still an
outage that they know about. Jeez. Anyway, we had several BGP sessions
terminated here in our Houston POP and the UUNet tech believed it was in
connection with the routing oddness they are trying to fix. So, if your
UUNet connection is sucking wind, this may be the reason.

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They're usually quite slow updating the phone recordings. That was one of
my major complaints back when I was a customer. Why should I sit on hold
for 10 minutes waiting to talk to an overworked first level mouth breather
when I could have found out in about a minute that we lost connectivity to
the net because "something happened" to their whole network, and they're
working on it.

Anyway...I bet this outage has something to do with my gated box going
wild. I just noticed the gated box I feed full routes to for the heck of
it was receiving lots of traffic on our MRTG graphs and was rotating
gated.trace files every few seconds! This began at about 11:30am EST.
On our Cisco, things aren't looking good:

BGP table version is 7063381, main routing table version 7063381
60429 network entries (220683/289425 paths) using 16262796 bytes of memory
28399 BGP path attribute entries using 4064016 bytes of memory
45502 BGP route-map cache entries using 728032 bytes of memory
0 BGP filter-list cache entries using 0 bytes of memory
Dampening enabled. 1466 history paths, 11347 dampened paths
111002 received paths for inbound soft reconfiguration

It looks like roughly 10% of the net is dampened.

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Hello, we are hosting the NANOG meeting in Atlanta. This is to notify
everyone that we are not having any problems. However we are seeing uunet
routes flapping heavily. On a second by second basis in the terminal room
we are tracing and watching it go nowhere, then pal-alto, then DCA.

We are working with their NOC to let them know what we are seeing. They
gave no time frame on when this would be resolved and from their tone I
would guess it is extremely serious.