Utah outage (fwd)

Sean wrote:

outage-request@sprint.net I believe typically will subscribe
anybody who's interested. There are several sizeable lists
which are on the exploder here, so adding more probably is a non-issue.

Make that:

with message text:

  subscribe outage

-- Walt

You know if Sprint is gutsy enough (maybe customer centered would be a
better word?) to do this, why can't MCI? I had private mail today from a
network manager at a major MCI customer lamenting that the MCI higher ups
refused to allow MCI to show their customers this courtesy (creation of an
MCI outtage list). Is this attitude part of what HWB was complaining about?

Since Sprint is likely to know something about MCI outages, then they can
report the details on the SPRINT outages list. If MCI would like to tell
their side of the story, they know what to do :wink:

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